Custom furniture just for you

Custom furniture just for you

About us

Mööblispets OÜ has helped people make their ideas reality since 2011

Mööblispets OÜ is a Estonian manufacturer of furniture, with long time experience.

If You don't find something with in Your taste, We are happy to help with that.

Mööblispets OÜ deals with making custom-made furniture and installment.

We make furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, halls, dressing rooms, offices etc.

Great furniture is made from working with Your ideas!


You have your own vision of furniture that could be a good fit for your home, but you will not find such a store, not anywhere on the Internet ...?

Custom made furniture

we make furniture for kitchens, wardrobes, beds .... Furniture according to your requirements.

Appliances for kitchen

Kitchen furniture to kitchen appliances: Teka, Brandt, De Dietrich, Schaub Lorenz, Mastercook, Meneghetti, Mosat, Bomann, Scancool, Best, etc..


Furniture, kitchen Furniture installation: both ordered from us and as well for furniture purchased elsewhere .

Transport service

We offer delivery of furniture made to our clients

Furniture parts

Furniture size cutting boards, edge folding.


Furniture details retouching, finishing and painting

Where to begin

If You have a desire to buy furniture then:

You probably have a vision what it should look like

Measure the space where You would like to put the piece. Then write down the width and the heights of the walls, the position and sizes of the doors and windows (if they affect the position of the furniture piece) and the height of the room. DO NOT FORGET the position of the communal zones (water, pumbing, electricity)When all this is done it's time to contact us and tell us about your vision and it's position in the room. To tell You the most accurate price, it is important that You know what kind of material and colour do You want.

If You don't have a straigh forward vision and want our help

We offer the opportunity to come to you with samples. We give you advice and help you to design furniture that suit your needs, we will take the necessary measurements, and you can immediately select suitable material

You have a drawings

You have a drawing and you know what material the furniture you want. Send us a brief description of drawings with material, and we make you an offer.

Drawings should be in PDF format.
Drawings should have width and heights of the walls, the position and sizes of the doors and windows and the height of the room. Also the position of the communal zones (water, pumbing, electricity) should be marked


Write to us

Mööblispets OÜ

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